Want to Join CalSol?


Feel free to fill out a New Member Interest Form here. We need your help to build our newest solar vehicle, GenX! CalSol is home to some of the brightest minds at Berkeley, and some of our Alumni are now working at places like General Motors, Ford, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many other engineering and technology organizations. CalSol is a great place to learn and develop practical industry skills, find mentors, and make friendships!

How do I join?

Show up to a meeting and start working! We care more about your contributions than we do about the on-boarding details.
However, to get properly set up, generally follow these comprehensive steps.

1. Think about what subteams you’re interested in working with.
Read over our mechanical, electrical, and business team descriptions here and pick which subteam(s) you’d be most interested in joining.
Note: though our prospectives tend to be intimidated by this initial decision, this is not a binding commitment, and we encourage you to explore any and all other subteams once you have picked a good starting point. Moreover, it’s not unusual for people to end up working on multiple subteams, even across the mechanical/electrical/business teams, so don’t feel boxed in!

2. Find out when the next meeting is.
You will learn most from face-to-face contact, so find out when the next subteam and general meeting is. Our team calendar is public here. This is not always complete/accurate, however, so make sure to confirm with a team member or contact that subteam.

3. Express your interest.
You can fill out the interest form for this year here. If you have specific fields or subteams in mind, make sure to mention them!

When can I join the team?

Immediately! Most of our members join at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, but we gladly accept new recruits any day, even if school isn’t in session.

Do I have to be an engineering major to join?

No. Although the team is comprised of many engineers, we value our non-engineering members as well. We believe the willingness to commit and learn from others are some of the most important skills in an effective team member, regardless of the member’s major. Moreover, many of our operations are non-technical: corporate relations, sponsorships, publicity, finances, etc., and we would gladly accept help in those areas.

What will I do in CalSol?

You can get involved in any and all states of designing and manufacturing a solar electric vehicle. CalSol provides a unique experience for Berkeley students to get hands-on with a large-scale engineering project that is an instrumental supplement to your education. Members can get experience in:

3D CAD modeling (Computer Aided Design)
Structural analysis with FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
Carbon fiber composites fabrication and testing
Machining and welding
PCB (printed circuit board) design and fabrication
Contact businesses and manage sponsor relations
Programming microcontrollers
Battery pack management and design
Through-hole and surface mount soldering
Manage logistics and operations
and so, so much more…

Don’t worry if you don’t know what some of these skills mean, join the team and find out!

If you have unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to contact the subteam or team leads or email us at: calsol@me.berkeley.edu!