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The test setup for the Tritium motor controller interfacing with the Telemetry board

The Telemetry board and Tritium controller test setup

This Sunday, the Telemetry team met with Rafael to test their new telemetry program with the Tritium motor controller. With the telemetry board connected to the motor controller’s CAN bus, we were able to see all of the packets on our laptop as they were sent, including a graph of the last thirty seconds of data. There are still some bugs to fix and features to implement, but overall we’re quite pleased with the program so far.

The purpose of the program is to take the wealth of data being sent by the car and present it in a human-friendly way so that we can better monitor and understand the performance of the car.


Screenshot of the new Telemetry program from Sunday, March 6th

The new GUI for the Telemetry program. (upper left) the CAN packet selector pane. (upper right) the main graph viewing pane. (bottom) the debugging console output.

Our new program has several exciting new features that we hope will make live data analysis much easier than before.

Finally, this isn’t a feature per se, but we’ve switched from using a GUI built on the antiquated Tk/Tkinter library to one using the modernĀ Qt library. Thanks to Qt via the PySide library, we were able to redesign the GUI in a matter of days, rather than weeks. With the faster development pace, we should be able to finish and add a few more features before our electrical system test this coming Sunday, including:

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