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CalSol has progressed massively since our last shell team update! At our previous check in we had only finished one of our 8 fiberglass molds, completed zero carbon fiber layups, and we had a long way ahead of us. Now every mold has been finished, brought to a perfect shine, and 2 of the 8 parts of our car have been baked into flawless carbon fiber shells!!! You can’t imagine how happy and excited the team is that the body of our car is coming together!

solar car, sanding, fiberglass molds, shine

The sanding was just getting finished here on our top shell mold

fiberglass mold, bottom shell, solar car, composites

Holly, Jason, Pragaash, and Pol finishing bolting on the supports for our bottom shell fiberglass mold


pre-preg, carbon fiber, layup, composite

Aldrich standing by the pre-preg layup of our canopy for Zephyr

pre-preg, carbon fiber, composite

Our canopy as it came out of the mold, isn’t it beautiful??

pre-preg, carbon fiber, fairing, calsol, layup

Mandy and Sam holding up the rear fairing of Zephyr after some long nights of laying out the carbon fiber





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