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Solar Vehicle Infosession

There will be an infosession on Tuesday, September 2 for all new and prospective members. It will be held in 531 Cory Hall (the Wang Room) at 5:45 pm. There will be someone at the North and West entrances of the building to escort you in case the building is locked. This is a good chance to talk to current members and find out what it takes to be a member of CalSol.

Returning Triumphant

CalSol has returned from American Solar Challenge 2003 where we placed 2nd in our class! We’d like to thank all our sponsors for their support and to the team members who spent three weeks of their vacation traveling the country.  We’d also like to again thank the University of Kentucky for their selfless gesture in lending CalSol their motor.  Hope to see you at ASC 2005! Check out the ASC 2003 Overview and photo gallery.


CalSol would like to welcome its newest sponsor, Powerlight!  Powerlight is a Berkeley based company specializing in solar technology for corporate use.  CalSol is excited about the prospects of working with Powerlight to further solar technology.  See the exciting projects that powerlight is working on here. Thanks again for your support!
See why Solar Bear is in the news!

FSGP 2003 coverage

The FSGP overview and photos are up!  FSGP

Conquering FSGP

We’ve just returned from Kansas and Formula Sun Grand Prix 2003 where we placed 1st in our class!  We’ve also qualified for American Solar Challenge in July.  We’re sorting through the photos and logs and will post more information in a day or two.

Solar Bear Pics

See new pictures of Solar Bear!  The car is coming along nicely, check out the photo gallery.

Rained In

Well, we spent all night Friday getting ready for CalDay but the fates were against us.  It was windy and rained hard all day Saturday so we didn’t want to risk taking the car over to campus.  Sorry for anyone who looked for us there, we really wanted to go but who wants to see a solar car in the rain?

Cal Day Showcase

We’re getting ready for CalDay.  CalDay is Saturday, April 12.  We hope anyone who is able to can come over to campus and see the car, its looking good.  We’ll be setting up in our usual location on the grass outside of Evans Hall.  We’re going to attempt to make out canopy over the weekend, it should be interesting…

Trailer Construction

Spring Break worksessions went well.  The trailer is almost done and, if the weather holds, we should be able to get it finished off this weekend.