Shell Modifications

We’ve been working on the shells over the past few weeks and got a lot done. The shells have been trimmed and joined, and also narrowed to meet the new specifications. Check out the photo gallery.

WageWorks and CalDay

Last Saturday, April 17, we took Solar Bear to campus for CalDay. We got a chance to show off our work and tell people about the upcoming race. Check out the photo gallery. We would also like to thank our new sponsor, WageWorks for their support of our project.

Top Shell Layup

We spent this weekend laying up the new top shell. Friday we did a practice lay up, Saturday we did the outer layer, and Sunday we did the inner layer. Check out the photo gallery.

Final Mold Preparations

We spent this weekend on the final mold preparations before the lay-up process. Friday night we applied mold release wax and today we prepared the vacuum bagging and cut some of the honeycomb core. Check out the photo gallery.

EBMUD trip

We took Solar Bear out for a trip to the East Bay Municipal Utilities District in Oakland for their Engineers’ Week. We would like to thank EBMUD for allowing us this opportunity to show off our car. Check out the photo gallery.

Priming the Molds

Lately we’ve been working on getting the shell molds ready for the lay-up process. This weekend we sprayed them with primer. Check out the photo gallery.

RevChem Plastics

We’d like to welcome our newest sponsor, RevChem Plastics and thank them for their generous donation. For more information on sponsoring us or to see a list of our current sponsors, please check the sponsorship page.

Prepping Molds

We are currently in the midst of preparing the molds for the new shell. They should be ready for the lay-up soon. Check back later for pictures.

Suspension Training

Last Saturday the mechanical team made a trip out to the Richmond Field Station to get good look at Solar Bear and learn a few things about suspension. They completely disassembled the double A-arm suspension and then reassembled it. Jeremy also weighed every part so we’d have an accurate idea of what to expect for our next car. See the Photos section for cool pictures.

Solar Car Showoff

We will be having two trips out to Richmond Field Station to see the solar car and show off the workshop. Both trips will cover the same material so there is no need to go to both. The first will be this Saturday and the second will be one week from Saturday. We’ll be meeting at 10am at the west gate of campus (map). We’ll be driving out to RFS and probably be returning in the early afternoon.