CalSol, the UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team, is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to design, build, test, and race fully solar-powered vehicles. We have built a multitude of solar cars in the past, racing them at competitions such as the World Solar Challenge (WSC), American Solar Challenge (ASC), and Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP). Composed of over fifty undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines, CalSol provides students with hands-on experience with real-world engineering, project management, and business aptitude. View our full team below!

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Andrew Wang Program Director
Anthony Zhou Program Director
Lekha Duvvoori Engineering Director
Jessica Lee Operations Director
William Ang Operations Director

Yu Heng Cheng Secretary
Bryan Yang Secretary
Genevieve Brooks Webmaster
Shruteek Mairal Webmaster
Seth Frank Treasurer
Richard Lin Treasurer

Erik Francis Mechanical Lead
Matthew Tran Electrical Lead
Jeffrey Ni Electrical Lead
Carson Paiva Solar Lead
Annika Yong Composites Lead



We manage the business end of CalSol including logistics, marketing, branding, outreach, and sponsor relations. Through overseeing the external and internal relations of our team, Operations ensures that the rest of the team can focus on building our solar cars.


We are responsible for the physical design and construction of the structural parts of the car. The Mechanical team designs and builds the car’s suspension, chassis, and powertrain.


We program, design, and integrate the car’s electrical subsystem. Using custom designed PCBs and the CAN network, the Electrical team implements the communication backbone of the car.


We are responsible for the design and integration of the car’s custom solar array. Using custom-encapsulated cells, the Solar team constructs and integrates the ultra-high efficiency solar array that powers our car.


We design, test, and manufacture the car’s internal composite components and aeroshell. Using advanced materials and simulations, the Composites team ensures the safety and structural integrity of the car.