Thank You Revchem Composites!

We are excited to announce Revchem Composites as a material sponsor for our solar car Zephyr!

Dashboard mold with EZ Sanding Primer provided by Revchem

A major distributor of everything relating to composites, Revchem has generously donated all of the materials required to get our molds prepped for composite layups. For our small tooling foam molds we use sandable surface primers that allow us to get extremely smooth finishes on all of our parts. Revchem’s material donation has also been essential to getting our shell molds ready for composite layups. Because our shell molds are made from EPS (a.k.a. styrofoam), we need to shield the foam from reacting with the surface primers and composite resins. They have also provided us with tooling gelcoat for creating our fiberglass molds from our male plugs.

With all these high-end mold materials at our disposal, we can create the best molds and smoothest car CalSol has ever manufactured.

Thank you Revchem!