New Electrical Equipment from KIT Digital

Loading the truck with Chris

On Monday, we got a very generous donation from KIT Digital. After KIT Digital’s purchase of Sezmi, the company went through some internal changes and ended up with a fairly sizable collection of unneeded electrical equipment. They got in contact with us, and arranged to donate all of this equipment to CalSol.

This donation will be invaluable in augmenting our existing setup and aging equipment, and I’m excited to go through it all and inventory everything. I’ve only had time to briefly look over the contents, but from what I’ve seen I can say that we will be able to put everything to good use.

Some of the equipment we picked up from Kit Digital

All of this was made possible because of Chris Hagler, an employee of KIT Digital and a friend of our very own team member Jessica Chang. Chris thought of us when he came across the electrical equipment, and arranged everything on KIT Digital’s side to make this donation possible.

KIT Digital is now our newest Gold Sponsor! It’s because of companies like you that CalSol can thrive.