Day 4: The Aussies Say – Drowsy Drivers Die

Australia has some very interesting signs.

Hi all, this is Jessica! We have finally arrived in Adelaide and acquired a driving permit for Impulse.  Thank you South Australia Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure for making this process so smooth and painless!

After having a comfortable night sleeping in Captain BlueBear, Marc and I continued driving towards South Australia (SA) for our driving-permit-acquisition mission.  We left at around 7am this morning and Marc drove nonstop for two hours until we arrived in Bordertown, SA where we stopped to have a little stretch break.

Throughout our drives, we have seen many interesting signs.  To name a few of our favorites: “Drowsy Drivers Die”, “Fatigue is Fatal”, “Droopy Eyes? Take a Power Nap!”, “Only Sleep Cures Fatigue”, “Microsleep Kills in Seconds”, etc; we have been very careful and cautious the whole time.  We always make sure to switch when we begin to feel exhaustion in our eyes and we never drive at night.  After all, our health and safety are the two most important things that we, as individuals, possess.  So parents, if you are reading this blog post, we hope this piece of information will lessen some of your worries and concerns because we are doing well. 🙂

While we were in Bordertown, we talked to the Caravan Park where the rest of the team will be staying tonight and made sure there would be enough space to park our truck and trailer.  The friendly owner of the park, David Petersen, is giving us a discount for staying there; I’d just like to give a quick shout-out to David for his support.  Thank you David!!

Later we arrived in Murray Bridge, and went into the South Australia Customer Service Centre to inquire about a driving permit.  The process was a lot easier than expected; all we had to do was email an official and provid details of our current vehicle registration along with some dates. Three hours later, we got the permit!

Jessica with her Library Card

Another important event happened while we were in Murray Bridge, I got a library card!  Crazy, I know; how did I even get a library card without an Australian address?  I have no idea.  You may be wondering why I needed a library card; it was because of the free wifi!  We utilized the new library card and got us the driving permit, published some blog posts, uploaded some pictures, and got some crucial information off the web.  We also tried uploading some videos we took with our new best friend, the Camileo BW10, but the wifi was not fast enough and it would have taken a day to upload, so we gave up.

Our next and final stop of the day was Adelaide, where we wandered around to find a place to camp for the night.  It was almost as bizarre as when we arrived in Melbourne; except this time it was hailing!!  We took a video on Camileo BW10 and would love to upload it when we get better internet.  The videos are so high resolution (which is awesome!!!) that they are impossible to upload within a short amount of time.  We will turn down the resolution and play around; hopefully we can get some videos up soon!

Another important note, the free BBQs around Adelaide in parks are NOT sheltered!!!  Marc and I ended up cooking our chicken in the rain; it was sad.  Our dinner was very delicious like yesterday (it was actually even better because we had some onions and broccolis this time!), but we were very cold.  Actually, everything was good considering the view we had from our campsite this time was super amazing. 🙂

Captain BlueBear at our Campsite of the Day

Chang out!

Jessica + Marc