Hexcel – Our New Sponsor!

Impulse’s shell is what gives it shape, and enHexcelsures optimal aerodynamics as we’re racing.  Making this shell as light as possible was crucial to making Impulse competitive, and it’s for that reason that we in CalSol would like to thank Hexcel Corporation for their generous discount of carbon fiber for our car’s shell.

Hexcel Corporation specializes in advanced composites like honeycomb, prepreg materials, and of course carbon fiber. Hexcel was very generous in giving us a $650 discount on their  HexForce®  Carbon Fiber. We’ve put their product to very good use in creating our carbon fiber shell, which is both strong and light.

One mustn’t forget this shell was both designed and built entirely by students of UC Berkeley.  However, CalSol is always grateful for any generous help our sponsors can offer.  Thank you Hexcel!