After the cancellation of the North American Solar Challenge in 2007, the future of CalSol was uncertain. When the race was reannounced for 2008 along with regulation changes, the team attempted to redesign and complete the car in the little more than a year left before the race. Unfortunately, the loss in continuity set our team back a bit, and the team was unable to compete until the Formula Sun Grand Prix in 2009. Despite all of the setbacks, the team is thriving again, and with the experience from GoldRush we have one of the largest and most enthusiastic teams CalSol has ever seen.

As required, GoldRush features an upright seating arrangement and a traditional steering wheel, making the driving experience more similar to that of a standard car (and a lot more comfortable!). The shell is made of Kevlar and Nomex honeycomb, with a Chromoly Steel Chassis. GoldRush is the first CalSol car since Afterburner II (with Stanford) to feature a three wheel design. GoldRush rayced in the Formula Sun Grand Prix 2009.

a.k.a. Sol Calibear or Ursola II during various phases of development