Team Overview

CalSol, the UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle Team is a non-profit organization representing the highest ranked public university in the nation whose purpose is to design, build, test, and race fully solar powered vehicles. Composed of over fifty undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines, CalSol provides students with hands-on experience with real world engineering, project management, and business aptitude. Through participation in solar races and alternative energy events, the team aims to raise awareness of renewable energy while focusing on the engineering challenges inherent in solar vehicle technology.

Team Structure

CalSol is subdivided into three teams accordingly. They are the Business Team, Electrical Team, and Mechanical Team. Please click on the buttons below to enter each team's respective page and learn more about our design and structure in general!

Join CalSol

We welcome any enthusiastic Berkeley students to join our community! Please check out our Join CalSol page to acquire more information on how to become a member, what you can contribute as a member, and what you will learn as a member. We look forward to meeting you!

Team Schedule

We have also embedded a comprehensive list of our Google Calendars onto the Team Schedule page. With these calendars, you will be able to find out when and where our next meetings are, when and what our next public events will be, and when and what deadlines are approaching.

Team Roster

Our hardworking members are listed here on the Team Roster page. These briliant students are the ones who make CalSol a reality!