CalSol understands the importance and necessity of professionalism and good public relations in helping establish the team in the community. Shortly after the Formula Sun Grand Prix race in the summer of 2009, CalSol Business Team was established. The Business Team is primarily responsible for acquiring sponsorship, setting up an alumni network, and establishing publicity for CalSol.

Please see our contacts page for information on contacting our business team if you are interested in supporting the team or having the car come to an event.

Sponsor Relations

The Sponsor Relations Subteam has the responsibility of contacting potential sponsors, securing sponsorships, and maintaining relations with current sponsors. We are so extremely grateful for all of the people who make our project possible, and we want to thank them in as many ways possible. In addition to the gifts described in the sponsorship packet, we are also sending out small "thank you's" to our sponsors to show our appreciation.

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations Subteam's job is to build a community between current members and past alumni. Current methods to accomplish this include sending out a monthly newsletter, creating a mentorship program between current members and alums, and managing the CalSol Alumni LinkedIn and Facebook group. A CalSol yearbook is also in the works.

Marketing and Publicity

The Marketing and Publicity Subteam mediates relations between both the campus and external community. Our responsibilities include coordination of recruitment, campus events, community service events, and other activities intended to connect CalSol with the community. Currently, we are working to develop a working relationship with BEAM to provide CalSol members to utilize their inspirational efforts to motivate and teach younger generations. We also assist with related events, such as CalDay and E4K.

For the future, the team plans to carry on more responsibilities, particularly with recruitment, campus events, and publicity efforts. This will include creating a plan for recruiting new members, coordinating campus events, and getting articles published about the achievements of CalSol. Additional publicity increases the strength of the team and gives us more opportunities to spread educational knowledge to the community.