Help support the success of CalSol by adopting a small part of the car in your name. The Adopt-a-Cell program allows individuals to show their support for CalSol and alternative energy vehicles in a way that anyone can afford. Donations of any amount are appreciated, but we provide the following levels to provide an indication of what your support will provide.

Battery Cell

A lithium ion battery cell in our state of the art battery pack. The batteries allow Impulse to collect energy when coasting and braking. They also provide enough energy for the vehicle to drive through the shade.

Solar Encapsulation

High-tech solar lamination improves solar energy collection and increases the durability of solar cells. The money will go towards laminating one single solar cell.

Solar Cell

Solar cells are the life behind Impulse. They are like the oil for our less-cool counterparts, which basically include all the other kinds of cars in the universe.

Donation Information

Donations to the team are tax deductable. You can either make your donation online or in-mail with a check. You can also acquire all this information on our Adopt-a-Cell Pamphlet in addition to this web page.

Donating Online

You can now donate to CalSol online through the Give to Cal campaign at UC Berkeley via its website. When you donate to us through Give to Cal, you not only get the heartwarming thank-yous from us* but also receive the special campus recognition from helping out an established student group on campus as well!

Donating Offline

If for any reason you cannot donate to us online, you can always donate by sending us a check to show your support! Please make the check payable to "ASUC/CalSol" and mail your checks to the following address:

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1740

*Due to privacy concerns, we will only send out individual thank-yous with the donors' permission. We will only contact the donors if the donors specify on the online donation form under the "Gift Instructions and Recognition" section that they wish to share their contact information with CalSol.


Thank you to all of CalSol's friends who have supported the team by adopting a cell. Your contributions have gone towards the construction of our car, Impulse.

  • Tom Coffland
  • Thomas Akagi
  • Marie Bigham, Jenny Byers, Ed Graf
  • Dan Lambert
  • Michael Lough-Stevens
  • Christopher Doetz
  • Victoria Clark
  • Martin Storch
  • Chris Alabastro
  • Elizabeth
  • Miles Smith
  • Max Smith
  • Lanell Ostrander
  • Adam Isaac Barton
  • Jeff Beeman
  • Dave Severns
  • Lily Lee
  • Jack Pyrne
  • Roopa & Prabodh Mathur
  • Kristin Butler
  • Jean Paul Jacob
  • George Labaria
  • David & Karen Jeu