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CalDay 2015

Monday, April 20th, 2015

CalDay is one day and a million stories. It is a momentous day of the Spring Semester at UC Berkeley where new admits have the opportunity to visit campus, view labs, ask questions, take tours, and very importantly- check out student groups. Yale blue and California gold surround you wherever you go. This past weekend, CalSol was thrilled to contribute our story to the mix!

This past Saturday, from 10AM to 3PM, CalSol tabled in front of both Etcheverry (the Mechanical Engineering building) and Bechtel (the general engineering building) on campus. It was spectacular to be able to have two of our vehicles on campus, both Zephyr and Impulse. We were able to reach more visitors and answer more questions. Members of CalSol both shared their personal experiences and answered technical questions about the car. It was nice to have the cars on campus so that we could host mini-work sessions; members were able to explain and demonstrate their pertinent project on the car this way. A few photos below capture events from the day. The weather was beautiful, the crowds were lively, and school spirit was roaring- we could not have asked for a better day!

We hope that this weekend inspired many future Cal students! Go Bears!


Zephyr from above




Etcheverry Breezeway


Zephyr with the top shell off


Cal Day 2013!

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

bnrThe annual Cal Day event is coming up this Saturday on April 20th and CalSol will be on display!

Cal Day happens every April and is a great opportunity for all of Cal to show off what it’s got in store, especially for visiting prospective students, and this year there are there are more exciting things to see than ever before. CalSol, in particular, will be showing our current car Impulse as well as newly built parts for our new vehicle, Zephyr. Our suspension and controls teams have been hard at work to display numerous vehicle components, newly machined and laid up, so make sure to stop by the Etcheverry-Soda breezeway all day to see Impulse on display! We will also be manning a table in front of the Engineering Student Services office for questions and information.

Click here to see a full list of Cal Day events hosted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.


Hope to see you all there!

Unfinished lathe work on Zephyr's wheel hubs.

Unfinished lathe work on Zephyr’s wheel hubs. To see the finished results, come see them at Cal Day!

Waterjetted 7075 aluminum uprights for Zephyr's front suspension.

Waterjetted 7075 aluminum uprights for Zephyr’s front suspension.

Cal Day 2012

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Cal Day is right around the corner, and CalSol is excited to celebrate the most wonderful day of the year!

Impulse is here!

Next Saturday, April 21 from 10AM-3PM, CalSol will be showcasing Impulse for the big event! Our team would like to extend an invitation to all. We will be located at the  Etcheverry Breezeway (between Etcheverry Hall and Soda Hall). Our team members have incredible stories to share, and Impulse will be ready to show off her new paint job. Feel free to drop by and and say hello if you are in the area!

Additionally, at 2pm Impulse will be making a grand exit to signal the start of a road trip up to Sacramento. We will be performing road testing to gain valuable data for the American Solar Challenge this summer, as well as to give new members some more experience in conditions similar to those we will experience during a rayce.

As always, Go Impulse, Go CalSol, and GO BEARS!

Fun Cal Day Prep Video

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The night leading up to Cal Day was a sleepless night for many on the team. Watch as our team worked (and danced) hard through the night as we ensured that all preparations were complete for our big unveiling event. We cranked up the music a bit in this vid, but I’m sure you’ll get to see more of what the team has to say in some of our next videos.

Cal Day Afterthoughts and our Journey Ahead

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

We thank you again for taking your time to drop by our booth on Saturday. We had lots of fun displaying Impulse and talking about our project, passion, and goal. We sincerely hope that you felt the same way too and got to learn more about us.

Although we have completed the major components of the car, such as the shell, the chassis, and most of the electrical system, we are not taking any breaks before the completion of Impulse.


Impulse Unveiling: April 16 at Cal Day

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

CalSol is proud to announce the unveiling of Impulse, our newest solar race vehicle. It will take place at Cal Day, UC Berkeley’s campus wide open house event.

We invite all CalSol supporters and anyone interested to see what we have been working so hard on.